Sara Carli (American, b.1985)


In 2008, Sara graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Health Science from Florida International University in Miami, Fla. She soon realized it was a fascination with human anatomy that influenced her science major, but what she really longed for was artistic expression. After graduating, she began a career in fashion that eventually brought her to Vogue Magazine in New York City. Sara’s knowledge of the human form and her love of fashion collided when she discovered painting in 2013, developing a style that utilizes both interests. Living in Miami at the time, this first approach can be seen in her tropical works, which represent the setting in which she began teaching herself the art of oil painting.

Sara’s tropical works show a palpable photorealistic style. Examining the intersection between time and space, art and reality, Sara captures a precise moment and dissects it. Each detail is meticulously rendered to give the feeling of actually being there, making time stand still, and inviting you to evaluate the delicacy of a moment at your leisure. She uses light to emphasize the supple nature of the body, creating further intrigue. Layers of glazing provide depth.


Wine is an artistic masterpiece. It represents timeless moments. For those in the industry, we begin to understand wine from its most basic elements. We can smell the soil in which the grape grew, the weather there, and the French oak barrel the juice aged in. Likewise, for every enthusiastic consumer of wine, that ever-so-gratifying 'POP!' of the cork when opening a favorite bottle of wine. This inspired Sara's second approach to oil painting. The cork. 

Upon moving to Sonoma County in 2015, Sara took on the tradition of signing the cork with the group a bottle of wine was shared with. This was the inspiration behind her ongoing series of photorealistic cork paintings. Precious moments are now immortalized through meticulous and lifelike details. 

Sara’s works are created using oil on linen or canvas. Her painstaking process can take up to two months for one painting.

Sara’s studio is located in Sebastopol, Calif. Her talent has been rewarded, as she was named finalist in the Urban Riche Gallery “Portrait” competition and has been recognized in many online art publications. Her work can also be found in private collections throughout the country. She is a member of the Hermosa Beach Artist Collective and represented by RESIN Gallery in Hermosa Beach, Calif.




2019. 19th Annual Local Artist’s Night, Leadership Manhattan Beach, Manhattan Beach, CA
Water and Wood, Resin Gallery, Hermosa Beach, CA
Solo Exhibition, Corked Collection Preview, Fogbelt Brewery, Santa Rosa, CA

2018 Metlox Outdoor Art Gallery, Manhattan Beach, CA
Symbiosis, Resin Gallery, Hermosa Beach, CA
Solo Exhibition, Tropical Stay-cation, The Spinster Sisters, Santa Rosa, CA
Water and Wood, Resin Gallery, Hermosa Beach, CA

2016. Solo Exhibition, The Miami Collection, MacRostie Winery, Healdsburg, CA


2018. Manhattan Beach, CA. Large scale seascape painting (30 x 60 in.), oil on Belgian linen
2017. Healdsburg, CA. “The Bride,” oil painting on dibond board (24 x 18 in.)
2015. Baltimore, MD. “Greg in Undies,” oil painting on Belgian linen canvas
2014. New Haven, CT. “Lina Katsman,” oil painting on Belgian linen canvas (20 x 30 in.)


How Merlot Can You Go. Lambert Bridge Winery. Healdsburg, CA. Acquired 2017.


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2018. Best-In-Show. Symbiosis: Group Exhibition. Resin Gallery, Hermosa Beach, CA
2018. Best-In-Show. Water and Wood. Resin Gallery, Hermosa Beach, CA
2016. Artist of the Month. The Art List Juried Competition
2016. Finalist. Figurative. Urban Riche Gallery Online


2018 Anatomical Life Drawing, Guerilla Science, New York, NY


Resin Gallery, Hermosa Beach, CA
Member of the Hermosa Beach Artist Collective, Joined 2018