The Wynwood Walls

The Wynwood Walls


Oil on Belgian Linen, 2015-2016, 24 x 18 inches


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Wynwood, or "Little San Juan," is a neighborhood in Miami, Florida. Puerto Rican-owned restaurants, shops, markets and other businesses line the streets of Wynwood. Recently, the neighborhood has been gentrified with large investments and developments.
Previously abandoned warehouses are now seeing occupancy by artists, restaurants, cafés and lounges.

The Wynwood Walls was imagined in 2009 by renowned American real estate developer, the late Tony Goldman. Lauded for his previous efforts toward community revitalization, Goldman envisioned a transformation for the warehouse district of Wynwood. He imagined the large stock of windowless warehouses to become his giant canvases, bringing the greatest street art ever seen in one place. His goal was to create a center where people could gravitate to and explore, and to develop the area's pedestrian potential.

Ask anybody who has trekked the streets and alleys of Wynwood and they are all sure to tell a tale of wide-eyed exploration. The Wynwood Walls have brought the world's greatest artists working in the graffiti and street art genre to Miami. Their bright and vibrant art splayed upon the warehouse's tall walls grasp your attention,  tempting you to inspect the next block, and then the next block, losing all sense of time. 

Sara's above oil painting, The Wynwood Walls, was inspired from a photo she took of a friend back in 2011. The two originally set out to explore the relic motels of Biscayne Boulevard, and quite rightly, stumbled upon the vibrant and diverse work of The Wynwood Walls. Below are some of the photographs Sara captured of that day, which years later turned out to be two of her greatest paintings. (The Boulevard was also taken on this day)