Wine Commissions

  The Four Tops.  oil on canvas. 48 x 36 inches. 2018.

The Four Tops. oil on canvas. 48 x 36 inches. 2018.

Wine represents timeless moments. We uncork our favorite bottle in celebration of life's most cherished achievements. The birth of your first child. A milestone birthday. An anniversary. That unforgettable vacation. A collector's most prized acquisition.

Keep that exquisite moment alive with an original oil painting of the wine that defines you.

The commission process allows for a collaborative experience that results in a unique and personal work for private or corporate acquisitions.

I use a method of oil painting called photorealism, in which an original photograph is referenced and then recreated on canvas into an oil masterpiece. Custom paintings are an exquisite way of adorning the home and office, while also expressing the owner’s style, curiosities and depth of emotion. These paintings are growing quick popularity with serious wine collectors for their wine cellars or wine caves.


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